How to host Thanksgiving without the stress

Thanksgiving is an event that most people look forward to every year. It’s a great time to have fun and enjoy valuable time with close friends and family.

Even so, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a little overwhelming. Besides you have to clean the house, make decorations, and cook tons of food, you also need to find ways to entertain your guests.

The truth is, there is a lot to do before the guests arrive, and that can be stressful. So, how can you host a successful Thanksgiving dinner without the stress?  Read on to find out!

Involve Others in Thanksgiving Preparation

Being the host doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. Remember, some of your friends and family members may enjoy cooking and entertaining as well and would love to help out. Ask them how they would like to contribute. . This can make preparations easier and create a better experience for your guests.

Supposing you have too much to do and fewer people to help, don’t be afraid to outsource help and get your meal catered.. Alternatively, start your preparations a few days earlier and encourage kids to get involved in the preparations as well.

Make Thanksgiving Friendly for Kids

Since Thanksgiving is a time for family, let your kids participate in the planning.  Find out what food they want to have for Thanksgiving and take them shopping as a fun outing. No Thanksgiving feast is complete without a beautifully decorated table and kids will love helping you decorate it with a festive tablecloth and fall-inspired centerpieces.

If you’re expecting a large group of kids for the holiday, set up a kids table with cute paper cups and consider paper placemats that they can draw on as a fun alternative to fabric ones!

Prepare Thanksgiving Games

Both adults and kids expect Thanksgiving to be fun. You have to live up to their expectations and make the event memorable. After your guests have had enough to eat, they’ll need some entertainment.

Have a few games prepared for after dinner. Need some ideas of what activities to include and games to play? Check out our Thanksgiving blog for fun activities to do with kids this holiday season for links to bingo cards and more! Your kids will love these activities!

Let us know what games you love to play with your family on Thanksgiving in the comments below!

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