Thanksgiving activity for kids in 2020

Like many of this year’s holidays, Thanksgiving is bound to feel more than a little out of the ordinary. In America, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It began as a harvest festival, with the main focal point surrounding the large feast (think the Thanksgiving turkey you know and love today)! With altered family gatherings and less travel, there is more time to get creative with the way you celebrate this year’s festivities! Have time off this week and looking for fun thanksgiving activities to fill up your time? There are tons of awesome ways to celebrate and we’ve compiled them here just for you!

Thanksgiving Activities and Crafts For Kids

Art Activities

  1. Complete Thanksgiving coloring pages.

Get in the fall spirit with some festive coloring pages! There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting down with some cozy music, drinking hot cocoa, and coloring.

We love these coloring pages from Crayola!

   2. Make decorations for the dinner table.

Even if dinner is shared with a few less family members this year you can still make it look fun and festive! Here are some of our favorite crafty decorations:

 Bedazzled Gourds from Aunt Peaches

 Pumpkin Mason Jars from the 36th Avenue

Turkey Center Piece from Plaid Online

DIY Fall Wreath from Plaid Online

   3. Create paper plate turkeys.

All you need are paper plates, scissors, cardboard, glue, and googley eyes for this holiday classic! Follow this paper plate turkey tutorial for gorgeous results.

4. Design and play Thanksgiving Bingo.

Look for inspiration online and draw your own bingo board full of Thanksgiving themed photos or facts!


Other Activities

  1. Cook or bake a new disk for dinner (or breakfast)!

            You’re probably familiar with the classic Thanksgiving dishes like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie, and more! Ask to help out the family with cooking or find a new recipe that you want to try. Eat up and enjoy the yummy day.

From Good Housekeeping

2. Go for a walk or run with the family.

Enjoy some fresh air and exercise with the whole family! It’s a great way to work up an appetite before your meal or after dinner and before dessert.

3. Write a Thanksgiving story.

Create your own imaginative story about the holiday. What does your dream Thanksgiving look like? What would your day be like if you were born in a different year? If one celebrity could share the feast with you, who would it be? Get as original as you can with it.

    4. Learn a fun fact about Thanksgiving to share.

Thanksgiving is a day with a rich history, but we often fail to learn more about the indigenous people so integral to the experience. Do your research and share a new fact you learn with the family at dinner.

   5. Play a board game.

You can’t go wrong with a classic board game! Pick your favorite try something new.

   6. Practice gratitude.

What better day to consider gratitude than Thanksgiving? Make a list of ten things you are grateful, or as many as you can think of! Practicing gratitude has been proven to have positive mental health effects!

  7. Learn a new language.

Stuck at home with more free time? Take this opportunity to start teaching children a new language with our app Shoonya Kids!




We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with loved ones in person or virtually! Let us know what activity you’ll be trying out in the comments below or on our social media 🧡

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