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Hindi is a language spoken by hundreds of millions of people in India and around the world. Whether you’re a native speaker who wants to teach Hindi to your own kids, or a novice in need of brushing up on your Hindi vocabulary, we have tips to help you and your child along on the language learning journey! Read on to learn more about the importance of creating a fun and interactive environment for children to learn Hindi!

The Best Age For a Child to Learn Hindi

Hindi learning for kids is important to start when a child is young, as learning language and communication skills are a primary part of a child’s development. According to Mayo Clinic, a toddler can start recognizing names of familiar objects and people as young as 18 months old. What does that tell you about language learning? You can start teaching them Hindi at a very young age. At Shoonya we believe the best time to teach your child Hindi is now.

We also understand as a parent, it’s an honorable thing to preserve your Indian heritage by keeping the Hindi language practiced in your family.


Did you know:

If  you were to take the world’s population and scale it down to just 100 people, 4 out of 100 people would speak Hindi.

As the fourth most spoken language after Mandarin, Spanish, and English, Hindi is spoken today by almost 550,000,000 people.

The Hindi language is written in the Devanāgarī script  which is also used to write Sanskrit, Prākrit, Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali languages.

Hindi is the official language of India and evolved from Sanskrit, an ancient Indo-European language.

Immersion makes for fast language learning

Research has shown that immersive language acquisition has a positive impact on cognitive development in children and can bring about faster learning outcomes.

Many people who want to learn a second language through immersion may travel to a country where the language is natively spoken by locals. Although hopping on a plane to visit or live in India may make for the most immersive experience, we know that it is not an option for most families. So how do you create this kind of immersive environment in your own home?

The key is using immersive learning tools while reinforcing vocabulary through conversation and practice in the home.

Full Hindi Language Immersion

Theme-based interactive lessons that teach children their first 500 words in Hindi. 

Avatars and clothing that children can play with as they learn about Indian culture as well as cultures from around the world!
Carefully designed activities to learn the Hindi alphabet.

Learning Hindi is fun with an interactive app

Making a new language fun to learn and not a chore is essential to the success of your child’s language acquisition. When a child has a positive experience playing as they learn, they feel more motivated to continue.

Think of the last time you did something that was difficult to accomplish or caused you frustration. How does it make you feel to think about trying that task again? We tend to avoid experiences that evoke frustration or boredom and the same is true for children as they are learning. Set your child up for success and positive experiences while they are learning Hindi by providing them with the right tools to feel engaged and happy!

With Shoonya, children can play in immersive environments and will have fun as they learn key vocabulary through activities and funny animations that will keep them engaged.

Hindi-themed Activities

Montessori-inspired writing exercises that teach Hindi letters.
49 puzzles that share cultural touchstones of Indian culture as they teach the Hindi alphabet.
Monthly additions to themed content with future activities coming soon!
Access to multiple languages in addition to Hindi including English, Marathi, Telugu, and Spanish all for one low subscription price!

Teaching kids to read and write Hindi with confidence

A very important part of language acquisition is understanding how to read and write.

There are a few tried and true methods to help reinforce script recognition in an immersive way, such as labeling items around the household or using printable worksheets.

In the Shoonya app, children are exposed to the Hindi alphabet and script at every stage of the learning process. Repeatedly reinforcing the Hindi alphabet in an immersive way leads to a higher level of confidence in children as they start to form associations with letters and objects.

Learn Devanagri Script

With Shoonya, your child will learn the Hindi alphabet.

Learning Hindi The Fun Way
Hindi (हिंदी), is the official language of India and is written in the Devanagari script which is also used for many other languages like Sanskrit, Nepali, and Marathi. It has thirty-three consonants and eleven vowels and is written from left to right. The vowels come first followed by consonants based on their phonetic sound articulation in the mouth.
Each Hindi letter and its association is uniquely designed and is accompanied by a cartoon character for word association. Every character is dressed from either a state of India or represents cultural trivia about India. Through fun animations, interactive tracing tutorials and puzzles, children get a chance to learn language along with Indian culture.

Helping your child speak Hindi

Understanding Hindi and speaking it are two different skills and being able to communicate is often the most exciting part for children and adults alike when learning a new language.

Whether it’s during bathtime, homework time, playtime or bedtime, you can use these opportunities to engage with children and get them to use practical Hindi words.


The Shoonya app provides an immersive experience with voiceovers from native speakers that prompt children to identify Hindi words with simple HIndi phrases that you can repeat and use in your own home. Hindi phrases like “Yeh kya hai?” (What is this?) can be used to ask questions and help your child identify and reinforce everyday words like kitaab (book), jaraab (sock), joota (shoe),or sabun (soap).


Having even the most basic of conversations in Hindi will offer confirmation to your child that all that hard work is getting them somewhere.

Perfect practice makes perfect!

The old saying that “practice makes perfect” is almost correct. The truth is, not all practice is good practice. If the practice is focussing on the wrong steps, this can lead to bad habits that will be hard to break in the future.

One great advantage of children learning Hindi online is they can repeat an exercise over and over again until they get it right. All without the pressure of having to ask a teacher/tutor to repeat themselves.

By focusing on proper, effective learning, they’ll be taking big strides to fluency, fast.

Available on iOS and coming soon to Android

The Shoonya Kids app, available on iOS and Android devices, takes an interactive approach to language learning, making Hindi a fun and exciting language for children to explore.

Developed by Hindi Language Specialists

Our app was designed by educators and backed by research to create the ideal environment for kids to learn. Don’t take our word for it though – read what parents are saying.


"Wonderful app"

Frequently asked questions about Hindi learning for kids

To make sure you have all the information you need to help your child learn Hindi, we’ve covered all of the most frequently asked questions we get on the topic.

Still have questions? Get in touch with our friendly team today, we’d love to help!

Experts believe it takes 25 hours a week for a child to become proficient in a second language. For a young child, that is a good amount of their waking hours and they can’t all be spent sitting at a whiteboard or in class. 

In addition to creating an immersive environment and encouraging conversation in the home to help your child build confidence, you will need supplemental resources to engage your child with the language.We recommend mixing it up with fun worksheets and games that your child will enjoy. 

Try setting a goal of playing with a learning tool like the Shoonya app for 15 minutes per day of immersive play and sticking to that goal. 

Studies have shown that learning a second language at an early age improves executive function in children. Additionally, learning a heritage language is particularly beneficial to children and enhances social and emotional development. 

If you are a Hindi native speaker or have grandparents that speak Hindi, providing your child with the opportunity to learn Hindi with the best resources available will bring them the confidence to communicate with their family authentically and give them a richer sense of community. 

There are many conversational words and phrases that you can use to help your child learn hindi. “Yeh kya hai?” (What is this?) is a phrase that will help you to engage and speak with your child and get them to identify everyday objects. 

Playing with the Shoonya app is a great way to learn basic Hindi words. The app breaks down vocabulary into theme-based sections so children can learn basic words and phrases like, “These are pants.” or “This is a boy.” 

Learning a new language is never easy, but it can be fun and entertaining if you are using the right resources and tools. Making Hindi speech and practice a part of your everyday routine will make language acquisition much easier for your child. 

Be intentional and add Hindi study time to your schedule and your family will be incorporating Hindi words into your daily routine in no time!

Dedicate the time to practice and use apps, flashcards, worksheets, conversation, books, and media to help your child get an immersive learning experience. 

If you need more ideas, check out our blog on 5 Simple Tips to Teach Your Kids Hindi for more great ideas!

There are many resources available to learn languages online, but many of them are made for adults. 

Online classes are available as well as passive learning options like Youtube videos, however, if you are looking for quality immersive language learning games in Hindi, the Shoonya app is the number one resource for Hindi language learning of that caliber. 

Yes! There are many options available for learning Hindi online but some are not as great as others. 

Do your research and if you are looking for online Hindi learning options for children try to find something that is Kid Safe and ad free.

Shoonya is the number one app for Hindi language learning for children. Award winning and kid safe certified, Shoonya brings immersive language learning to children around the world with theme-based, gamified learning modules. 

Check out the Shoonya app in the app store today!

Start Teaching Your Child Hindi Today

Have you been looking for an effective, fun, and interactive way for your child to learn Hindi? Maybe you want them to learn to say things like “good morning” in Hindi, or “hello” in Hindi, or to say “you’re welcome” in Hindi. Or maybe, your parents speak Hindi and you want them to connect with their grandchildren in their native tongue to maintain an authentic relationship. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Learn Hindi for Kids With Shoonya

Our mission with the interactive Shoonya Hindi app, “Shoonya Kids” is to make learning Hindi fun for children. Each Hindi letter and its association is uniquely designed and created into a cartoon character. Every character is dressed from either a state of India or represents a cultural trivia about India. Through fun animations, interactive tracing tutorials and puzzles, children get a chance to learn the language and the Indian culture.