Learn Jungle Animals with Shoonya

Our theme-based approach to language exploration is what makes Shoonya special. With our Jungle Animals theme, children can enter into a rich Jungle landscape and interact with the many different kinds of animals that they might find in that environment. Children will love the fun animations that go along with verbal and written language reinforcement. Try out Shoonya Kids with a seven-day free trial today to explore all of the cute characters!

Available on Android and iOS

Learning by theme improves language retention!

  • Children can learn and practice jungle animal names
  • Interactive action-reaction activity keeps children engaged
  • Choose from five different languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, and Telugu

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Let’s Learn Jungle Animal Names


Learn the word for bear in nine different languages with our fun animation inspired by India! Bears naturally have an incredible sense of hearing, sight, and smell. While they are typically predators, this one seems pretty friendly…


Have you ever seen a camel with a mustache? He sure is cute. Did you know that camels have three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelids in order to fully protect their eyes from sand? They can also shut their nostrils during sandstorms!


Learn the name for crocodile and dress them up with headwear and jewelry from India! Instead of releasing heat through their sweat glands, crocodiles do it through their mouthes! Can you guess how many teeth they have?


This is one smart deer if we’ve ever seen one. Male deer (known as bucks) grow antlers every year and they fall off in the winter. How many languages can you learn the word for deer in?


Kids can learn the word for elephant while also learning a little about clothing inspired by Africa! Elephants communicate through vibrations and their tusks are actually teeth they use to dig up roots or scrape ark off of trees.


Don’t be fooled by this fox’s beautiful dress and accessories, they are cunning and tactful. Not only do they have incredible hearing, but they can also see well at night, making them great hunters!


This special giraffe features jewelry from all over the world. Learn to the name to dress them up! Unsurprisingly, giraffes are the tallest mammal on earth.


This is one snazzy hippopotamus. Did you know that hippos can outrun most humans? While their name comes from the ancient Greek ‘river horse,’ they will travel on land to graze and find the food they need.


This lion is wearing a Mexican poncho and sombrero. The iconic poncho is an important symbol for many indigenous people, originally worn by those living along the Andes mountain range.


Tap and learn monkey to reveal another Mexican sombrero! Most monkeys have tails and a group of monkeys is known as a ‘tribe’ or ‘troop.’


Did you know the word ‘peacock’ actually only applies to the male bird? As a collective, they are known as ‘peafowl.’ Their colorful tail is called a train. The peacock is a national symbol of India and holds much significance there.


This stunning rhino is wearing a montera hat and and traje de luces! Both are traditionally worn by bullfighters. Check out our Dress Up chapter page to learn more about this incredible outfit!


Snakes don’t look so slimy when wearing gorgeous jewelry! Snakes can eat animals three times as big as their head because their lower jaw is able to unhinge from their upper jaw. But they can’t bite their food so they have to swallow it whole!


Dress up the tiger in this Indian-inspired turban! This Bengal tiger is the most common type of tiger and will live eight to ten years on average in the wild. They can weigh up to 500 pounds!


Turtles can see well underwater but are shortsighted in air, so it makes sense that this one needs glasses! They also have an incredible sense of smell and can live for 80 years.


This zebra is wearing a shawl inspired by India. A group of zebras is called a ‘dazzle,’ and every zebra has a unique pattern of stripes to distinguish it from the others!