Top ten resources for bilingual learners

If you’ve begun your bilingual language journey, you might be wondering how to sustain it? Many parents may find themselves the sole language speaker in a mixed family, possibly living in a community where there are few other native speakers. So where can you find quality resources to help your children progress? Here is my […]

What researchers say about bilingualism before the age of 10

Myths About Bilingualism

Did you know more than half the world is at least bilingual? India recognises 24 official languages, South Africa has 11 and Zimbabwe lists 16. Even in countries like Australia, where English is the de-facto tongue, there are still at least 250 First Nation languages spoken. To be monolingual is to be in the minority. […]

Heritage Languages: To Keep or Not to Keep?

International Mother Tongue Day

Every year on February 21st, the world celebrates “International Mother Tongue Day”. For those of us in the South Asian diaspora, raising kids outside of India, what does this mean? I’ll start by telling you my story. My parents came to NY from Kerala back in the 70s. They were part of a vibrant Malayali […]

5 Simple Tips To Teach Your Kids Hindi

Learning Hindi The Fun Way

Whether you’re a native speaker passing Hindi on to your own kids, or a novice who wants to encourage children to understand the language spoken by hundreds of millions of people, here are my five top tips for teaching kids Hindi: Make it silly. Make it fun. I encourage my kids to make mistakes, laugh, […]

San Diego Angel Conference IV Announces Quarterfinalists

Angel investors selected 24 out of 90 startup applicants based on potential of investment to deliver a solid return; startups hope to land share of ~$1 million fund on March 24 SAN DIEGO – January 26, 2022 – San Diego Angel Conference (SDAC), a University of San Diego (USD) Knauss School of Business program that […]

10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s high time you start thinking about what to get your kids for Christmas gifts. Getting gifts for your kids can be very challenging because their interests keep changing every year. Toy gifts are the most common type of gifts, but most of these gifts only interest children for […]

5 Tips For Getting Ready for Christmas – Christmas Preparation

Christmas is almost here, and one of the best ways to ensure you have a good time throughout the season is having a good Christmas preparation plan. Sometimes Christmas can be busy and messy even If you are super organized, especially when you have young kids around. During this festive season, a lot needs to […]

Hindi learning for kids: Simple tips to make it fun and engaging

Language loss is a common problem among immigrants. This is more common, especially when the kids are born and raised in a foreign country. As a parent, you should strive to raise bilingual kids so that you can cultivate and maintain your kid’s identity. Hindi learning for kids can be stressful, especially in a non-Hindi […]

How to host Thanksgiving without the stress

Thanksgiving is an event that most people look forward to every year. It’s a great time to have fun and enjoy valuable time with close friends and family. Even so, hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a little overwhelming. Besides you have to clean the house, make decorations, and cook tons of food, you also need […]

4 Top Thanksgiving traditions around the world

Thanksgiving is a day celebrated in the United States and Canada where families spend time cooking, playing games, and sharing what they are grateful for. Thanksgiving began as a harvest festival and today is celebrated as a way to reflect on all of the blessings from the past year. Many cultures around the world have […]