Hindi learning for kids: Simple tips to make it fun and engaging

Language loss is a common problem among immigrants. This is more common, especially when the kids are born and raised in a foreign country. As a parent, you should strive to raise bilingual kids so that you can cultivate and maintain your kid’s identity. Hindi learning for kids can be stressful, especially in a non-Hindi speaking country, because the opportunity to practice the language is often limited. . The burden of preserving and retaining the link with your native language Hindi falls on you as the parent.  Outlined below are some of the most effective ways to make Hindi learning among kids easy and enjoyable.

Speak The Language At Home

Speaking Hindi at home is one of the best strategies to help kids learn Hindi. Speaking the language will help your child pick up some of the commonly used phrases. Talk to your kid in Hindi while they are at home and encourage other family members to do so. When you ask questions at home, encourage your child to respond in Hindi and try to carry on the conversation by asking more questions. Speaking in the language is as important as reading it when teaching the language. If Hindi is not your first language, supplemental tools like the Shoonya Kids learning app offer language immersion activities.

Utilize Hindi Learning Applications

In this current digital era, kids know their ways around smartphones and computers. Instead of taking the gadgets away from your child, you can download some Hindi learning applications. One such application is Shoonya. The app features theme-based interactive lessons, fun Hindi writing activities, cultural immersive play and animated alphabets. The app is based on the World Language Readiness Standard, and it is Beta tested in the classroom and teacher approved. The application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Make Some Bilingual Picture Books

For young kids, visual learning is critical at this age; most kids learn a lot by seeing. You can get your kid an online flipbook for kids that features stories written in Hindi and English or any other regional language. The book features animated pictures and words that can help your kid visualize some common phrases in Hindi.

Television Shows and Films

Watching Hindi television shows and films is another way to help reinforce language development in children. Get a collection of Hindi cartoon series adapted from popular Hindi fantasy books. Bollywood films also offer a perfect opportunity to learn Hindi. Watching an age-specific movie once a week with your kid will ignite some willingness to learn the language. Going to Hindi plays is another way of making the kids love and learn the language.

Using Games

Incorporating some fun games is also another helpful tip to help children learn Hindi. Start playing some rapid-fire games where you ask a quick question, and your kid has to answer the question in Hindi. You can also ask your kid to name places, animals, or food in Hindi.

You can also do a treasure hunt with riddles in Hindi where you can have a clue that leads to a special treasure.

Giving Rewards

Giving rewards is one of the best Hindi learning for kids. Come up with a reward plan and set the targets goals needed to earn a reward. Giving rewards is the best motivation, and you can use strategy to track the progress.


Hindi learning for kids is fun and easy so long as you can connect with your kid and teach the language from their level. Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages, and on top of that, the language is sweet and enjoyable. With the above Hindi learning for kids tips, you will be able to help your kid learn and perfect the language.

Let us know what strategies you follow to help your kid learn Hindi.

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