Alphabet Letter Tracing For Kids

Tracing the alphabet helps children learn their letters and improve penmanship!

Need a fun way to teach children the alphabet while they stay at home? Shoonya Kids is an easy way for children to practice tracing letters of the alphabet. Practicing even just 15 minutes a day will help children learn Hindi and English words, improving motor skills, and enhancing memory. With our app, children go through the entire alphabet, tracing and listening along in order to fully learn letters. This chapter is the perfect start to a child’s language learning journey and a great foundation to learn other vocabulary.

Available on Android and iOS

Does Letter Tracing Help Learning?

Tracing is a highly effective way to teach letters to young children. With Shoonya Kids, children can follow along with letter patterns and mindfully practice writing with good form. Tracing letters helps to stimulate the brain and reinforce letters.

As a multi-sensory technique, tracing can improve fine motor skills as well as visual-motor skills. Not only is tracing helpful for letter learning, but also for learning to draw shapes and improve handwriting. Not to mention, tracing letters can boost children’s confidence as they continue to improve with practice!

Letter Tracing in Shoonya Kids

The letter tracing chapter in Shoonya Kids was inspired by Montessori-style learning, and tested in classrooms with real children. The chapter features plain backgrounds in order to help children focus on letter patterns and sounds. The app also draws on the Montessori ‘Sandpaper’ technique, teaching children how to write letters using their sense of touch in order to fully provide them with a solid foundation for proper penmanship.

Languages For Letter Tracing in Shoonya Kids

We currently offer Hindi and English letter tracing and are working to bring you letter chapters for our other languages in the near future! Want to learn more?? Click on the Hindi or English Letter Tracing links below to view the full alphabet with extra tracing practice!

Hindi Letter Tracing

Practice learning Hindi (Devanagari) script with our tracing chapter! Choose from four different colored chalks and start tracing letters. With our app, children are guided on how to write in Hindi in an easy, fun way!

English Letter Tracing

Practice learning English letters by following along with easy letter animations and tracing. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, ranging from ‘a’ to ‘z.’