5.6 Brings a Fun New Way to Learn Shapes!

New Features Include:
    • A new interactive activity to learn the names of shapes – children can earn rewards and engage in challenging games while learning letters and their sound associations.
    • Built in assessments help children to learn the names of shapes and rewards them for showing their understanding.
    • With the exciting new shapes chapter, children will learn the names of common shapes in multiple languages, all while using their fine motor skills to trace and and explore fun games.

Shoonya App Preview

Shoonya App download

App Name: Shoonya Kids Learn Languages

Date of Release: 4/7/22 

App ID: 866047646 

ITC Status: Ready for Sale 

Devices: iOS Universal 

Business Model: 7 Day Free Trial, $5.99/Month OR $59.99/Annually

Available on iOS

The Shoonya Kids app, available on iOS and coming soon to Android devices, takes an interactive approach to language and cultural learning.

Parents and Kids are Loving Shoonya!


Parents and Kids Alike Love Shoonya Kids!

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Improved Demo Video

New additions to the onboarding demo will help parents to find the referral page in the parent portal and walk children through the app when they arrive to get them learning faster. Check it out below!

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