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Making language and cultural learning fun for kids under 10

★★★★★ top rated language app!

Unlimited Content, Five Languages, One Single Subscription.

Why Shoonya ?

Shoonya is an award winning  app developed by educators for children.

Because Shoonya is KidSafe certified with zero ads or pop-ups, your child will learn a new language through immersive, bite-sized and theme-based activities on a platform you can trust.

Parents & Kids Love Shoonya!

Multiple Languages

  • Practice tracing alphabets
  • Learn 5 languages in one
    convenient app
  • More languages to come!

Play-based Learning

  • Learn themed vocabulary
  • Play games while you learn
  • Enjoy bite-sized activities

"Intuitive, Effortless, Fun!"

How it Works

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Shoonya is intended to allow children to explore language at their own pace in an immersive, play-based environment.

First, pick a language to get started learning with dozens of theme-based activities, animations, and games. Kids can easily change languages by clicking on their avatar.

As they play and complete new lessons children will love earning stars to use in the rewards center!


Why immersive language learning? 

Immersion is the most effective way to learn any language. We know picking up and moving to a new country to immerse your child in a second or third language is not practical for most families.

That’s why we developed Shoonya as an immersive language learning tool, giving your family some of the benefits of total immersion without having to leave your living room.

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Available on iOS and coming soon to Android.

Language learning is FUN with an interactive app

Have you struggled to get your child motivated to learn a new language? Picking up new vocabulary can be challenging which is why it is so important to make the process fun! 

With Shoonya you can:

Keep your child motivated with new activities to try and fun games.

Break away from traditional methods of learning like textbooks and worksheets that will bore kids quickly.

See progress as your child learns alphabets and collects points for completing puzzles and games.



$599 /Month


$5799 /YEAR

Only $4.88 per Month !

Unlimited access. Award-Winning & Kid Safe. One low price.

Shoonya Kids app is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Learn the alphabet for each language

With Shoonya your child can learn to read and write 5 unique alphabets with more to come!

Unique animations help children to learn letters in the English, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, and Telugu alphabets

Puzzles with sound and object associations allow children to have fun as they learn new letters and their pronunciation.

Montessori-inspired letter tracing activities help children to learn to write letters in 5 alphabets.

Teaching kids to read and write in a second language with confidence​

An important part of the learning journey is understanding how to read and write in a second language. While this will happen naturally as your child learns a new language, intentional practice makes a huge difference.

Some of the best ways to teach your child a new alphabet is through letter tracing activities and object-sound associations. Shoonya has hundreds of puzzles, tracing activities and animations to teach children alphabets in five different languages.

Taking the time to actively learn how to pronounce and write each letter correctly will bring your child a higher level of confidence as they start to form their own sentences in the app and on paper.

Perfect practice makes perfect!

Along with immersing your child in a language through online tools and conversational practice, it is important to devote a set amount of time to language learning throughout the week.

The old saying that “practice makes perfect” is almost correct. The truth is, not all practice is good practice. Take stock of the tools you are using and make sure that you have what is right for your family!

One great advantage of children learning a new language online is they can repeat an exercise over and over again until they get it right. All without the pressure of having to ask a teacher/tutor to repeat themselves. It also is much easier to schedule in 15 minutes of practice with an online learning tool.

By focusing on proper, effective learning, your child will be taking big strides to fluency, fast!

A language learning app with themed activities

Children learn themed vocabulary through immersive games

Hundreds of activities with new themed vocabulary added monthly.

Curriculum created by educators for children is grouped by theme to help with recognition and building word associations. 

Helping your child speak a new language

Being able to have even the most basic of conversations in a new language offers a nice confirmation that all that hard work is getting them somewhere.

Help your child to feel comfortable and confident in the language they are learning by engaging them in simple conversations.

Just like with writing, listening skills will naturally develop over time as your child engages with immersive learning tools.

Using these tools alongside an intentional focus on conversational practice will speed up the learning process.

Frequently asked questions about language learning for kids with Shoonya

To make sure you have all the information you need to help your child enjoy learning a new language,, we’ve covered all of the most frequently asked questions we get on the topic. Still have questions? Get in touch with our friendly team today, we’d love to help!

Immersion is one of the best methods for learning a new language. Be sure to practice in your home regularly and use immersive tools to reinforce language learning.

Research shows that learning a second or third language improves executive functions in children and aids in problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills. Second language acquisition is also known to improve memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask.

It is recommended to use Shoonya regularly to build vocabulary in a new language. With regular use, children can learn hundreds of words and a new alphabet in just a few weeks time.

Shoonya is available for purchase in the app store for a monthly subscription price of $5.99 per month.

Purchase a yearly subscription for $57.99 and save 20%. With a subscription you get continuously updated content and access to hundreds of games, puzzles, and activities in 5 languages all at one low subscription price.

Cancel your subscription easily in the app store under “Manage Subscription.” Shoonya also makes it easy for you to manage your subscription directly in the app through the parent portal.

Yes! Try Shoonya free for 7 days before committing. Simply download in the app store to start your free trial.

The beauty of Shoonya is that we offer all languages on one platform at one low subscription price. There is no additional cost for learning more languages.

Outside of the fun and interactive activities in the app, new printables are shared weekly with our newsletter subscribers. Sign up to get weekly updates on Shoonya and new printables weekly!

There are lots of passive online resources like youtube videos that can help reinforce language learning.

While these don’t provide the engaging environment that Shoonya does, they are a good supplemental resource.

We also recommend reinforcing vocabulary in the home using flashcards and labeling everyday items to help your child make word and letter associations.

Shoonya is one of the best apps to learn multiple languages on one platform for children. Committing to regular practice with an online learning tool like Shoonya is one of the best ways to learn a new language.

While there are many resources for learning to speak in another language for adults, Shoonya is the best app made for children to help them learn to speak in another language.

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