Learn themed vocabulary with Shoonya Kids!

Shoonya Kids provides bite-sized, themed activities in five languages.  With the farm animals chapter, children will learn the names of common domesticated animals and have a chance to interact with them in an immersive farm landscape.

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Shoonya Farm Animals: What Is It About?

  • Designed and tested in classrooms
  • Endorsed by teachers and parents
  • Children learn farm animal names
  • Enjoyable, interactive language practice and immersion

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Practice Learning Farm Animal Names With Our Free Printable Flashcards

Why should children learn farm animal names?

Teaching children farm animal names is the perfect way to get them started with language lessons! With Shoonya Kids Farm Animals, kids can practically take a virtual trip to the petting zoo! Maybe they are familiar with farm animal names in the English language and want to try Spanish or Hindi? Learning languages for kids is finally fun as they play along and improve their speaking and listening skills in the process!

Let’s Learn Farm Animal Names


Dress up the bird! Can you guess where this beautiful outfit comes from? If you said India, you’d be correct! Our fun bird character features a classic Indian hair accessory known as a gajra. Stemming from Hindu mythology, gajras were used by brides on their wedding day or worn by dancers during special festivals.


We guess the cat is out of the bag on this one! Or is the cat pulling a rabbit out of the hat? Get a little mystical with our magic cat! Kids will have so much fun learning the word for cat with the little magic touch.


Cows are fun, especially with fun outfit and animation inspired by India! Cows are considered sacred in Hinduism which is practiced by around 80% of India’s population. Kids can learn the name for cow in all nine languages as they listen along with exciting sounds from India!


Woof woof! Not only are dogs a playful household pet, but some are also found on farms to help protect livestock or help control mice and rats! Let us know your favorite kind of dog in the comments below!


Dress up this duck to add a little extra attitude. Ducklings younger than 10 days old love to stay close to their family to help protect themselves. Does that sound familiar? They like to eat grass, plants, insects, and fruit.


Take a dive with this glamorous fish with jewelry inspired by India! Kids can learn how to say fish in nine different languages along with jewelry vocabulary (psst, take a look at our Dress Up chapter if you haven’t already)!


Did you know goats were some of the first animals to be tamed by humans? But the Shoonya goat isn’t just any goat… Dress them up with our fun shawl inspired by India and a gorgeous flower head accessory.


Try out a Western flair with this bodacious hen. Kids tap, listen, and play along as they learn the word “hen” along with cowboy hat, bandana, and boots!


Learn the power of this fierce horse with Shoonya Kids. Did you know the Marwari horse was first used by Indian soldiers during battle? Known for fierceness and loyalty, this warhorse is not to be messed with!


Tap on this little mouse and adorn him with fun accessories inspired by India! Mice can be cute too, especially with an outfit like this one. 😉


Time to learn pig in different languages! A classic farm animal, pigs are actually one of the most intelligent creatures out there. Their large snouts help them sniff out food and navigate the world around them.


Is this rabbit cute, mischievous, or a little bit of both? Tap on the fun animation to find out and learn how to say rabbit it in nine different languages! Tell us in the comments which is your favorite way to say it.


This rooster rocks this stunning neck accessory! Roosters are great at protecting their hens in the face of danger and also help find food for the flock. These guys are important creatures!


Learn the lovely name for sheep in nine different languages. Sheep are also surprisingly smart! When in need, they often know which plants to eat in order to help heal themselves.