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Full Immersion with English Language

Theme based interactive lessons designed to teach children their first five hundred words and phrases

Engaging and fun learning method designed to make languages enjoyable

Create personalized avatars with clothing and accessories sourced from cultures around the world

Ongoing themed-activities in English:

Learn jungle animal names in English

Practice farm animal names in English

Interactive landscapes and vocabulary in English

Many more chapters to come

Available on Android and iOS

The Shoonya Kids app, available on iOS and Android devices, takes an interactive approach to language learning, making English a fun and exciting language for children to explore.

Developed by English Language Specialists

Our app was designed by educators and backed by research to create the ideal environment for kids to learn. Don’t take our word for it though – read what parents are saying.


"Wonderful app"

Why Should You Teach Your Child English?

Imagine a world where you could speak effortlessly with anyone across the globe. At Shoonya, we believe that simply getting kids excited about exploring the world around them is the first step to breaking cultural boundaries and forming lifelong learning habits!

Teaching English to Young Learners

We are thrilled at the prospect of helping today’s children discover a passion for new languages as early as they can learn to crawl, and you should be too.

The Best Age For Child to Learn a Second Language

Though language learning is an empowering lifelong hobby, at Shoonya we know there are clear benefits to acquiring a second language as early as possible. Research has shown that when learning another language before the age of five, children are able to access the same part of their brain used to learn their mother tongue. Compared to adults, children feel less discouraged by the prospect of making mistakes and are fearless in experimenting with new sounds and names.

Shoonya is designed with this in mind — we work to craft fun, engaging lessons for the perfect blend of “edutainment.”