How To Teach Children Letters

If simple alphabet exercises aren’t quite getting the job done, there are plenty of other engaging ways to teach kids the alphabet! After you’ve tried our alphabet tracing chapter, play around with our fun character animations in the Letters chapter.

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Three Periods of Letter Learning

An effective method for teaching young children letters is the 3-period, Montessori method. Each ‘period’ introduces a new phase of learning to children in a way that helps them become more familiar with the letters they are trying to learn!

In the 1st period, it is best to expose children to the letters, play them the phonetic sound, and have them grace them with their fingers.

The 2nd period, or association stage, a child should be able to identify a letter based on its name. You can have them point to a specific letter you call or pick it up if you are using physical pieces. Do this multiple times with each letter so that it is reinforced.

The recall, or 3rd period, is asked to remember and trace a letter. As the final stage, the child should be able to remember and trace all letters when asked verbally.

Letter Learning In Shoonya Kids

Shoonya Kids combines basic learning principles with engaging characters and content to bring alphabet letters to life for children! Pick up cultural knowledge as you learn the Hindi alphabet! More languages coming soon…

  • Kids practice learning Hindi letters along side fun characters
  • Watch, listen, and repeat with playful animations
  • Easy navigation is perfect for young children learning Hindi for the first time
  • Characters designed with a love for India, spreading cultural appreciation
  • Currently available for Hindi with more languages coming soon

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