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Want to teach your child Marathi?

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Have you been trying to teach your child Marathi and struggled to find the right tools and resources to engage them with the language? Creating a fun and interactive environment for children to learn in is key to setting your child up for success. 

Recent studies have shown the importance of play-based learning in the development of language and spatial skills in children. However, finding quality play-based education tools can be very challenging.  

Luckily, the Shoonya app has designed quality immersive language learning games and activities for multiple languages all on one platform, providing the best environment for your child to learn a new language.

The Best Age For a Child to Learn Marathi

Marathi learning for kids is important to start when a child is young, as learning language and communication skills are a primary part of a child’s development. According to Mayo Clinic, a toddler can start recognizing names of familiar objects and people as young as 18 months old. What does that tell you about language learning? You can start teaching them Marathi at a very young age. At Shoonya we believe the best time to teach your child Marathi is now.

We also understand as a parent, it’s an honorable thing to preserve your Indian heritage by keeping the Marathi language practiced in your family.


Ready to Start Teaching Your Child Marathi?

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Full Immersion with Marathi Language

Theme based interactive lessons designed to teach children their first five hundred words and phrases

The perfect blend of education and entertainment to make learning fun

Designed and tested just for kids from a child’s perspective

Craft individualized avatars with clothing and accessories sourced from cultures around the world

Did you know:

You may notice that Hindi and Marathi share the same alphabet. They also share hundreds of words, however there are many nuances and differences in meanings among certain words. Similar to Spanish and Portuguese, Hindi and Marathi are different languages but they have enough similarities in vocabulary and syntax that a Hindi speaker can often understand Marathi.

There are over 40 different dialects of Marathi.

Marathi is the third most spoken language in India and one of the oldest languages to compose literature that dates back to around 1000AD

Nearly 90 million people are native Marathi speakers with the largest population residing in India, followed by the US, Mauritius, Australia and Israel.

Immersion makes for fast language learning

With the Shoonya app, children learn through immersive, interactive activities and games. 

Teaching language through immersion is proven to be one of the most effective methods for language acquisition. 

Because it is not feasible to spend months in another country to help your child learn a language, it is essential to find resources that have immersion built into the learning process.

Shoonya teaches children language through immersive instruction from native speakers, bringing the benefits of total immersion to you without the need to leave the comfort of your home.

Full Marathi Language Immersion

Theme-based interactive lessons that teach children their first 500 words in Marathi. 

Avatars and clothing that children can play with as they learn about this culture as well as cultures from around the world!

Carefully designed activities to learn the alphabet.

Learning Marathi is fun with an interactive app

Have you ever found your mind wandering while trying to learn a new skill? Learning a new language is very challenging and without the right environment or tools to learn with it can be hard to focus and see results.

You may have first hand experience struggling with getting your child to engage with textbooks and or with traditional learning paths and it is true that if language learning is all about textbooks and whiteboards, children will become bored quickly.

That’s why providing a language learning experience that is fun and engaging is so important! If children are learning through play, they will want to continue playing and ultimately will learn more.

Think of the last time you had fun while learning something – I bet you were excited to come share that knowledge or continue in the learning process. That’s what we’re aiming to do for children with Shoonya. Keeping children motivated and making the learning experience fun is the most effective way to learn Marathi online.


Ongoing themed-activities in Marathi

Practice jungle animal names in Marathi

Practice farm animal names in Marathi

Follow along with interactive landscapes and music while learning Marathi vocabulary

Stay tuned for more chapters coming soon

Marathi Interactive Activities for Kids

Teaching kids to read and write Marathi with confidence

A fundamental step in the language acquisition journey is learning how to read and write.

Literacy can be a challenge when learning a new language, especially when that language has an entirely new script that the child is not familiar with. For this reason, intentional practice makes a huge difference.

Taking the time to actively learn how to read each word and how to write it correctly will help facilitate associations for your child with spoken words and script. The more associations children can make with the language the better and the higher their confidence will be as they start to form their own sentences in the app and on paper.

Each letter and its association is uniquely designed and is accompanied by a cartoon character for word association. Every character is dressed from either a state of India or represents cultural trivia about India. Through fun animations, interactive tracing tutorials and puzzles, children get a chance to learn language along with Indian culture.

Helping your child speak Marathi

As we’ve mentioned, immersion is key to language learning and getting children to speak and understand language. Learning how to understand and speak Marathi can be very exciting and is best done through repetition and incorporating it into a daily routine.

Being able to have even the most basic of conversations in a new language is a confirmation of progress and will increase a child’s confidence. Sprinkle in words from the language in your daily conversations and make it a habit to use familiar and new phrases with your child.

As with writing, Marathi listening skills will naturally develop over time but intentional focus on both listening and speaking will speed up the process.

Perfect practice makes perfect!

We’ve all heard the phrase practice makes perfect, but the quality of the practice also matters. 

Having an online tool that can assist with daily practice is a game changer. Set aside time every day for your child to play the immersive games in the Shoonya app. This will help them build vocabulary that you can reinforce in your daily conversations at home. 

One great advantage of children learning Marathi online is they can repeat an exercise over and over again until they get it right, all without the pressure of having to ask a teacher or tutor to repeat themselves. 

By focusing on proper, effective learning, your child will be taking big strides to fluency, fast.

Available on Android and iOS

The Shoonya Kids app, available on iOS and Android devices, takes an interactive approach to language learning, making Marathi a fun and exciting language for children to explore.

Developed by Marathi Language Specialists

Our app was designed by educators and backed by research to create the ideal environment for kids to learn. Don’t take our word for it though – read what parents are saying.


"Wonderful app"

Frequently asked questions about Marathi learning for kids

To make sure you have all the information you need to help your child learn Marathi , we’ve covered all of the most frequently asked questions we get on the topic.

Still have questions? Get in touch with our friendly team today, we’d love to help!

Marathi, like Telugu and Hindi is a phonetic language meaning that nearly every letter of the alphabet has a corresponding sound. Because of this and the fact that there are no rigid sentence structures one must learn to form new sentences, Marathi is a fairly straightforward language to learn

Immersion is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Learning from native speakers or listening to native speakers talk is an easy way to learn and understand the language. The Shoonya app is a great resource because we use native speakers to voice all of the vocabulary and instructions for games and activities in each language.

As is the case with any language, time and practice are key in learning how to understand the language and speak like a native. With dedicated practice in an immersive environment, you could pick up a good amount of vocabulary within 30 days.

If you are a native English speaker or used to Latin script, the Marathi alphabet could possibly be very intimidating, however like anything with practice you can learn it and become very skilled. Because the scripts are composed of straight lines and curves primarily, it is just as easy to write in Marathi as it is in English. The Shoonya app has made tracing and letter recognition with multiple activities for children to interact with the Marathi script.

Teaching Marathi to Kids

Have you been looking for an effective, fun, and interactive way for your child to learn Marathi? Maybe you want them to learn to say things like “good morning”, “hello”, or “you’re welcome” in Marathi. Or maybe, your parents speak Marathi and you want them to connect with their grandchildren in their native tongue to maintain an authentic relationship. If so, you’ve come to the right place!