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Full Immersion with Spanish Language

Theme based interactive lessons designed to teach children their first five hundred words and phrases

Engaging and fun learning method designed to make languages enjoyable

Designed for children from a kid’s perspective

Create personalized avatars with clothing and accessories sourced from cultures around the world

Ongoing themed-activities in Spanish

Learn jungle animal names in Spanish

Learn farm animal names in Spanish

Interactive landscapes and vocabulary in Spanish

Many more chapters to come

Available on Android and iOS

The Shoonya Kids app, available on iOS and Android devices, takes an interactive approach to language learning, making Hindi a fun and exciting language for children to explore.

Developed by Spanish Language Specialists

Our app was designed by educators and backed by research to create the ideal environment for kids to learn. Don’t take our word for it though – read what parents are saying.


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When Should Kids Learn Spanish?

At Shoonya, we believe the best time to teach kids Spanish is now! Learning another language at a young age is not just a fun hobby. Kids learning Spanish early on have an easier time picking up and imitating new sounds and names. According to Science Direct, if learned before the age of ten, kids even have a better chance at language proficiency. When babies are born, they can make and hear all the sounds in all of the languages in the world. 

Learning Spanish With Shoonya

With Shoonya, we know the easiest way to learn Spanish is to start with something fun and interactive. Our IOS apps Shoonya Farm Animals and Shoonya Jungle Animals allow children to learn animal names in Spanish along with eight other languages. Kids can get creative by designing their own avatar with fun apparel and accessories from around the world. Colorful animations, fun animals, and exciting music are sure to keep your child engaged and coming back to learn more.

Practicing animal names in Spanish is the perfect first stepping stone into a whole new world of culture. Shoonya is a space designed with your child in mind! We know that language learning should be fun, not frustrating, that’s why our apps are based on watching, playing, and creating in Spanish. 

Spanish Interactive Activities for Kids