Father’s Day recipes from around the world

Still in need of a last-minute Father’s Day gift? You can never go wrong with a home-cooked meal or treat! Baking or cooking is a fun activity for kids and it will be sure to make dad’s day! We’ve compiled a list of recipes from all over the world that are perfect for this Father’s Day. Be sure to share your favorites with us in the comments below or on our social media!

Breakfast/Brunch Recipes

1. India – Kanda Poha

Photo from priyakitchenette.com

This delicious Maharashtrian breakfast is relatively simple to make and full of flavor, made from beaten rice and perfect if you are vegetarian.

2. Malaysia – Kaya Toast

Photo from Tara’s Multicultural Table

This creamy and delicious spread is the perfect accompaniment to any toast. All you need is egg yolks, coconut palm sugar, full-fat coconut milk, granulated sugar, sea salt, and pandan leaves (optional). Lather on your favorite bread and you’re good to go.

3. Russia – Ricotta and Apple Syrniki

Photo from Girl and the Kitchen

These delicious fritters cheese and apple fritters are traditionally made from Tvorog (a special farmer’s cheese) but that can be substituted for ricotta if necessary. We are salivating and just how good these look!

4. Israel – Shakshuka

Photo from feelgoodfoodie.net

You might already be familiar with this super versatile Middle Eastern egg dish. Pair it with a light and fluffy white bread for the ideal savory combination.

Dinner Recipes

1. Hungary – Szekely Gulyas

Photo from tasteofhome.com

“This combination of pork, sauerkraut, sour cream and paprika is heavenly served on buttery egg noodles with or without poppy seeds.” -Taste of Home Kitchen

2. Japan – Miscellaneous

Photo from delicious.com

Check out these 55 amazing Japanese dinner recipes. No need for take out, you can try it from home! We couldn’t decide on just one but let us know if you have a favorite.

3. Italy – Easy Creamy Gnocchi Sauce

Photo from acouplecooks.com

The most decadent gnocchi sauce, this is sure to soon be a family favorite. The kids will love this one too!

4. Mexico – Chilaquiles

Photo from simplyrecipes.com

Chilaquiles are fried corn tortilla strips covered in melted cheese and cooked in salsa- yum!

Dessert Recipes

1. France – Chocolate Mousse

Photo from The Spruce Eats

This classic French dessert is so simple to make yet so satisfying! Our number one pick for all of the chocolate lovers out there.

2. Australia – Lamington Cake


If you want to go the cake route this Father’s Day, you’ll love this Australian specialty! This sponge cake is stuffed with jam, whipped cream, and doused in chocolate and coconut.

3. Greece – Butter Cookies

Photo from AllRecipes

These little balls of joy are the ideal sweet treat to pass around for any celebration! You can’t go wrong with this classic favorite.

4. Peru – Picarones

Photo from perudelights.com

These Peruvian donuts or beignets are wonderful with coffee at breakfast or as a post-dinner delicacy.

And, if you still can’t make it, there is always omelets, sausages, toast and coffee or tea with lots of love.

We hope you enjoyed these recipes! Please let us know if you tried any of them out and Happy Father’s Day!

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