Five tips to plan the best Halloween party for your kids in 2021

As Halloween is right around the corner, we’re here to provide you with some spooky inspiration to plan an exciting party for your little ones. Whether you want to host a striking feast for your neighborhood kids or a haunting hip party for pre-teens, you don’t need to spend a fortune to convert your home into a spooky party palace.

We are here to help with some spectacular Halloween party planning ideas. You can throw a great party for your children and their friends to have a fantastic time and frightful fun.

Design Spooky Invitations

Design spooky and inexpensive party invitations. To save money you can create your paper invitations in fun shapes like black bats, witches’ brooms, tombstones, and pumpkins.

You can create these invites by using stencils and white or black poster board. After making cut-outs of Halloween-inspired shapes, mention the party details on the back of the cut-outs with a gold or silver paint pen.

Decoration For Scary Ambience

What better way to get in the spirit than with a little Halloween decor? The perfect decorations are essential to give your party the perfect look. Use cardboard cut-out tombstones to decorate your front yard or switch out your light bulbs with purple, red, or orange ones to create a ghostly ambiance.

Give your buffet table a spooky and sophisticated look by draping it with a dark satin tablecloth. Accessorize the table with fake black crows, bird nests, silver votive holders, cut-out pumpkins, or feel free to add anything to enhance the spookiness.

You can also make ghoulish glasses and cover the front of two or three mason jars with gauze and hot glue two googly eyes to complete this easy and quick craft project.

No Fun Without Food

After decoration, it’s time to focus on food and drinks. Some Halloween party food ideas we love are: “boo-nanas” or banana ghosts, Satsuma pumpkins, , Spider lollipops, gingerbread skeletons and boo burgers.  You can also upgrade your basic beef or chicken patties with white and yellow cheese slices and carve them into pumpkins, ghosts, or any other Halloween characters.

For dessert, you can serve Frankenstein’s brains cupcakes. To make this yummy dessert, place vanilla and red velvet cupcakes on a silver or golden party platter, and decorate with gummy worms, sprinkles, and crushed Oreo cookies to make them more decorative.

Party Crafts and Games for Kids

We love a good party game! One fun way to get festive is to get a Halloween piñata and fill it up with candy. Or, set up a skeleton-making station and let kids fill in the skeleton shape with glue and several types of uncooked pasta shells. If you don’t have time to plan for a piñata, another fun activity is to lead children in a costume parade by creating a small stage or ramp to show off their costumes. Give children and parents prizes for the most creative, cutest, scariest, and best costume.

Our top pick for a fun arts and craft activity this Halloween is pumpkin painting! Look on Pinterest for inspiration on fun designs or faces to paint. You’d be surprised how creative you can get with this one! (Psst… show us your pumpkin by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram @ShoonyaKids! You just might be featured on our page). What will you paint?

Go All Out with Your Costume!

The most important part of the party is a Halloween costume. Ask your guests to dress up in their scariest costumes like a Skelton, Zombie, or Spooky Ghost.. Kids love to wear costumes for a Halloween hangout, but don’t forget about their parents. So, ask their parents to wear a scary Halloween costume and join the fun.

Fill a small bin with scary masks, fake clown noses, oversized hats, funny plastic glasses, or some silly props for guests to wear.

Which Halloween activity will you try this year? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ShoonyaKids! And don’t forget to check out our app where we have tons of new, fun Halloween surprises in our dress-up chapter! You can even learn a new language in the process.

We hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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