Diwali Activities For Kids

Diwali is almost here and what better time to celebrate family, love, and light! Marking new beginnings, Diwali is celebrated 20 days after Lord Ram killed Ravana and rescued Sita from captivity in Lanka. The five-day festival of lights, Diwali. In India, the festival is an important holiday, full of festivities, food, and family time.

The Five Days of Diwali

Day one, Dhanteras, celebrates wealth and prosperity. People typically clean their homes and buy utensils made of metal to ward off bad luck.

For day two, or Choti Diwali, people can decorate their homes with clay lamps, or diyas, to commemorate the triumph of light over darkness. While Choti Diwali is usually celebrated the day before Diwali, this year they fall on the same day!

The third day (though this year it is still the second) of Diwali is typically considered the most important. On this day families will gather together for Lakshmi puja, a prayer to Goddess Lakshmi, accompanied by delicious feasts and fun firework celebrations.

Those in Gujarat welcome the new year in with the fourth day of Diwali festivities. Send gifts or best wishes to friends and family to celebrate with loved ones!

Bhai Dooj, the fifth day of Diwali, is dedicated to honoring sisters! There are many different traditions across India, but gifts are often exchanged to celebrate brotherly/sisterly love.

More Diwali Activities Ideas For Kids

1. Make Rangoli with dry chalk powder!

Start by using white chalk to dot and grid out the design you want to make. Look at creative designs online for inspiration and color in just how you like it! There are so many fun ways to make beautiful art, an amazing way to celebrate with the whole family.

Rangoli Design

2. Create Diwali decorations with flowers.

Yellow and cerise roses are perfect for Diwali. Craft magnificent layouts and add lights for an extra festive touch!

Diwali Decorations

3. Experiment with more Diwali crafts.

There are tons of craft ideas and templates for Diwali online. Start with a simple paper garland and deck the house with bright and joyful colors.

Diwali crafts

4. Learn the story behind Diwali.

Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil and Prince Rama returning home from exile after having defeated Ravana. It is a wonderful story of family bonding and a perfect way to introduce cultural history to your children.

5. Decorate the house with lights.

What would a festival of lights be without some amazing household pieces? From hanging lanterns to elaborate string lights, there are so many amazing ways to show some Diwali pride.

Learn the story behind Diwali

6. Play with the new backgrounds in Shoonya Kids.

Already learning a new language with Shoonya Kids? Now you can experience beautiful Diwali backgrounds as part of dress-up chapter. Our two festive backgrounds are inspired by India — let us know which is your favorite!

Play with the new backgrounds in Shoonya Kids.

7. Cook food with family.

Make some traditional and delicious Diwali recipes and have fun with loved ones in the process. From mithai (India sweets and desserts) to samosas, to pakora, that are almost too many delectable options to chose from!

We hope your Diwali is full of light and love! Let us know what you plan to celebrate this Diwali in the comments below or on our social media @ShoonyaKids!

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