How to Celebrate Dad at Home This Father’s Day: COVID-19 Edition

Though many businesses are beginning to open up again, the virus still looms large in countless cities across the globe. Whether you or your loved ones are immunocompromised or you just don’t feel comfortable leaving home yet, there are still countless ways to celebrate Father’s Day at home this year! All it takes is a little extra creativity and love to make this the best Father’s Day yet. Plus, homemade Father’s Day gifts are always just that much more special in our opinion.

16 Father’s Day Ideas for Toddlers, Kids, and Teens Alike

1. Cook a Father’s Day Meal

Nothing tastes better than a homemade meal. Put together a spread of dad’s favorite foods and enjoy a family breakfast, lunch, or dinner together. Kids can even draw menus and nameplates for each chair to add an extra special touch. Decorate the dining area (especially dad’s chair) with balloons, streamers, or handcrafted signs. Need inspiration? Check out these awesome Father’s Day recipes.


2. Draw a Picture or Recreate a Family Photo

Get creative and draw a picture of dad doing his favorite activity. If your children are teenagers, dig up an old family photo and try to recreate it. This will definitely bring a smile to dad’s face and it’s a great memory to have later on.

3. Make Your Own Father’s Day Song

Like to get a musical? Write a song all about dad. You can write it to the tune of a common song like Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or make it up entirely on your own if you know how to play any instruments! Want to take it to the next level? Record the song and make a music video to go along with it. Dad will be sure to get a kick out of this one.

Father’s Day Song

4. Create an “All About Dad” Scrapbook

Print out pictures with dad and create your own scrapbook with colored paper, pens, and craft materials. You can include an about section where you list your favorite things about dad. Leave some blank pages at the end so you can take a picture with dad every year and add it each Father’s Day.

5. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt at Home

Create clues unique to dad that lead him around the house. Use clever rhymes and fun memories to lead him to one big surprise, whether that’s a homemade meal, gift, or any of the other ideas on this list!

6. Write a Story About Dad

Take dad on a fictional adventure with your own story. This is fun for kids to write, but even more fun for dad to read! Maybe he is a superhero saving the day with magical powers or just himself being the best dad he normally is. Include fun pictures and drawings to add to the story!

Write a Story About Dad

7. Bake His Favorite Treat

Baked goods are a classic gift idea for dad. Make a delicious treat and enjoy as sweet smells fill the house. Check out these drool-worthy Father’s Day desserts if you need some inspiration.

Favorite Treat

8. Do a Chalk Drawing of Dad

Have some extra chalk laying around? Draw a huge picture of you and dad together in the front or backyard.

9. Go for a Bike Ride or Walk

Going for a family bike ride or walk is the perfect way to spend quality time together on Father’s Day, especially if dad loves the outdoors. Explore a new trail or drive somewhere you’ve never seen before to make it extra special.

10. Surprise Him With an Extended Family Video Call

Can’t see your family in person this year? Organize a family video chat in advance and surprise all of the dads in your family. Screen time is a great way to feel connected virtually with family and friends all over the world.

11. Bring the Movie Theater Home

Have a special family movie night with homemade decorations, snacks, and popcorn. Kids can even draw or print out fake tickets to add to the experience. If you have a projector, screen or sheet, and an outdoor space, set up a little outdoor theater for something different. Be sure to let dad pick the movie!

family movie night

12. Take a Camping Trip to the Backyard

Set up camp in the backyard with a tent and sleeping bags. Sing campfire songs, play games, tell ghost stories and share a star-lit dinner together for some good, old-fashioned family fun.

13. Experiment With New Crafts 

In a crafting mood but don’t feel like drawing a picture or making a card, try these unique DIY Father’s Day gift ideas for something a little different that dad will be sure to appreciate.


14. Learn a New Father’s Day Greeting

Learn how to say “I love you, Dad” or “Happy Father’s Day” in a new language. Here are few different ways to say “I love you, Dad” to get you started:

Spanish: “Te amo, papá”

German: “Ich liebe dich Papa”

Arabic: “Ana ohibok baba”

Hindi: “Main aapse pyar karta hoon pita ji”

(Psst… want to learn more new languages? Check out our app Shoonya Kids to learn Spanish, Arabic, English, German, Hindi, and four other Indian languages to start teaching your child something new!)

15. Make a “Father’s Day Coupon Book” or Activity Jar

Design a Father’s Day Coupon Book with different activities you can do with dad or favors you can do for dad. Draw fun pictures to go along with each coupon. Alternatively, make a jar with different strips of paper and let dad pull one whenever he wants to “cash in” special time with you.

16. Don’t Overlook the Power of Quality Time

Finally, don’t forget how much it means to dad that you simply spend the day with him. Nothing fancy is needed to let him know you care. Today and every day, remind him you love him and sit down to enjoy some quality time together, doing whatever it is you both enjoy most.

fathers day

To all of the wonderful dads out there, we hope you have an amazing Father’s Day! The world would not be the same without you.

Making a Father’s Day meal this year? Feel free to share your Father’s Day recipe with the Shoonya community in the comments below or on our Twitter or Facebook!

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