Mastered Animal Names in One Language and Want to Learn Another?

Shoonya Kids Updates and Quick Tips

Downloaded Shoonya Kids but haven’t tried all the fun? Or maybe you are already well on your way to making it part of your daily routine. Either way, this update should get you excited!

What’s New

Our Hindi Letters chapter now has a new home screen, inspired by India!


Hindi Letters home screen

Kids loving our Jungle Animals and Farm Animals chapters? Now they’ll have even more fun watching sleeping animals come to life by simply tapping them.


Quick Tip

Shoonya Kids features nine languages! Have you tried them all?

How To Switch Languages in Shoonya Kids

Simply scroll right and left to switch languages. You’ll be able to learn animal names in all nine of our featured languages!

Scroll right left to switch languages

Learning Has Never Been More Fun

Interactive animals make learning languages fun and engaging for kids! Not only are kids immersed in the language experience, they can tap and play along as they listen and repeat their favorite animal names.

As always, we can’t wait to bring you new, ongoing learning chapters. We have many exciting things in the works already, but let us know if there is anything, in particular, you’d like to see in upcoming releases!

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