5.6 Brings a Fun New Way to Learn Shapes!

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App Name: Shoonya Kids Learn Languages

Date of Release: 4/7/22 

App ID: 866047646 

ITC Status: Ready for Sale 

Devices: iOS Universal 

Business Model: 7 Day Free Trial, $5.99/Month OR $59.99/Annually

Available on iOS

The Shoonya Kids app, available on iOS and coming soon to Android devices, takes an interactive approach to language and cultural learning.

Parents and Kids are Loving Shoonya!


Parents and Kids Alike Love Shoonya Kids!

Intuitive, Effortless, Fun!
”I’ve been wanting to teach my 4 year old some Telugu words and this is the perfect app for it. The design is clean, sophisticated and intuitive. My son absolutely loves dressing up the animals and without him realizing, his Telugu vocabulary has grown. It’s exciting to watch him learn and I’m looking forward to using more of Shoonya apps as his proficiency grows.
Serenity Movement★★★★★
Love the Diversity & Characters!
”Great app to teach your kids Hindi, very colorful characters and designs teaching the alphabet in a simple yet effective way. Learning the sub-cultures of India is just amazing
Kunal Parmar, Parent★★★★★
Amazing App for Children!
”This app has been an amazing resource for introducing Hindi to my children! A favorite of my 6 and 4 year old daughters!! We have been using the app to practice vocabulary and other useful language tools. My son also has been using the app to practice the English alphabet. Developers seem to always be adding features and fixing bugs. A must download for families with young children.
Balik Mangofern, Parent
Balik Mangofern, Parent★★★★★
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Improved Demo Video

New additions to the onboarding demo will help parents to find the referral page in the parent portal and walk children through the app when they arrive to get them learning faster. Check it out below!