Top ten resources for bilingual learners

If you’ve begun your bilingual language journey, you might be wondering how to sustain it? Many parents may find themselves the sole language speaker in a mixed family, possibly living in a community where there are few other native speakers. So where can you find quality resources to help your children progress? Here is my […]

What researchers say about bilingualism before the age of 10

Myths About Bilingualism

Did you know more than half the world is at least bilingual? India recognises 24 official languages, South Africa has 11 and Zimbabwe lists 16. Even in countries like Australia, where English is the de-facto tongue, there are still at least 250 First Nation languages spoken. To be monolingual is to be in the minority. […]

5 Simple Tips To Teach Your Kids Hindi

Learning Hindi The Fun Way

Whether you’re a native speaker passing Hindi on to your own kids, or a novice who wants to encourage children to understand the language spoken by hundreds of millions of people, here are my five top tips for teaching kids Hindi: Make it silly. Make it fun. I encourage my kids to make mistakes, laugh, […]